12 articles Oracle parameters and parameters of paper (1)

  Oracle parameters paper (1) 
  In oracle database, the parameters file contains all the configuration information database, it is very important.    I think that if the oracle to manage, must be the parameters and parameters are well aware of the document.    However, oracle database is that huge, and because the parameters of the database file contains all the configuration information, so many parameters, there are several hundred as many as 1 is difficult to grasp the familiar and, in practice this requires the deployment, Understand and comprehend.    Details of the various parameters of reference information, see the oracle of official documents "Oracle9i Database Reference". 

  Here through the two-part document on the parameters and parameters of that. 
  1. Parameters documentation 
  2. Commonly used parameters that 

  First, parameters of this document describes some of the main parameters of paper that the definition of functions, principles of action, classification, and how to change parameters. 

  1. Parameters of the definition of documents, the role of oracle database through a series of parameters to configure the database.    These parameters is key – in the form of value on that, such as: 
  Among them, the parameters were equivalent to the left, right and the corresponding parameters of value, the value of various types, such as the typical figures and string. 

  Document storage parameters of these parameters is the local, oracle will start from the parameters of the relevant documents to read configuration. 

  2. Parameters in the classification of documents before 9 i, documents only one parameter, it is a text format, known as pfile, at 9 i and subsequent versions, the new parameters of the server document, known as the spfile, it is binary format .    These two parameters are used for document storage configuration parameters for the oracle reading, but there are also different, note the following: 
  First, pfile is a text file, spfile is binary; 
  Secondly, the configuration parameters, pfile directly to a text editor to open manual configuration, and spfile not, must be activated in the database, order online through sql amended. 
  Third, pfile change, to use its entry into force, must restart the database, spfile the configuration to take effect from the time limits and scope can modify the parameters specified sql order, effective immediately, can not take effect immediately.    Of course, some parameters of the resumption of the database must be amended to take effect; 
  Fourth, available from pfile sql order to create spfile, can also be created by the spfile pfile; 
  Fifth, if it is manually create a database rather than through DBCA, then began to create the database, you can only definition of pfile.    Because it is the text format; 
  Sixth, oracle database to use only one parameter document, either pfile, either spfile, Mody how to judge that the current database using a document which is a parameter »    One approach is to create pfile have to identify, if the current use is not spfile, while the corresponding create pfile format will generate an error.    Another method is to show parameter spfile order, to display the spfile position, if the value displayed is empty, then use a pfile. 

  3. Parameters of the document examples of action principle oracle at startup, go to read the configuration parameters in the document, this process is this: 
  Database startup in order to specify to which pfile to start, but please note that only designated pfile, can not be designated spfile. 
  When using a non-pfile clause of the startup order, Oracle platform will be designated the default position on the document server parameters (spfile) read initialization parameters.    Oracle View spfile or Creative's init.ora the order is: platform specified in the default position, Oracle first called spfile $ ORACLE_SID.ora find the documents, if not find spfile.ora document, no, it would have init $ ORACLE_SID.ora documents. 
  In the $ ORACLE_BASE \ admin \ db_name \ spfile, you may be able to see a very similar init.ora.1 92003215317] name in the paper, which is initialized parameters of documents, just to keep pace with a time stamp.    For Oracle920, the default on the use of spfile start, but this is not a vacuum from spfile, but according to a document from this, you can remove the suffix long, is the standard pfile documents. 
  For Windows NT and Windows 2000, its position is: $ ORACLE_HOME \ database \ spfile $ ORACLE_SID.ora. 
  Database in the post, the parameters of the configuration values can query the data dictionary v $ parameter received. 

  4. Parameters of the amended document were divided into hand-edited and online edits. 
  Hand-edited to modify pfile, the direct use of a text editor to open pfile amended.    To use your edits to resume database. 
  Laws in the online database run by an order to alter system changes orders are as follows (for details please refer to the command statement oracle official reference document): 
  sql> alter system set job_queue_processed = 50 scope = MEMORY 
  Note, scope = MEMORY said that the scope of application, values are as follows: 
  SPFILE: amend only the SPFILE effective, does not affect the current case, the need to restart the database to enter into force; 
  MEMORY: amend only the memory effective, that is, only on the current examples of effective, and effective immediately, but will not be saved to SPFILE, the database after the resumption of this configuration lost; 
  BOTH: As the name suggests, contains more than two, with immediate effect, and permanently take effect. 
  For ALTER SYSTEM modify the parameters of an order, please note the following: 
  First, if the current examples rather than using a pfile spfile, the scope = spfile or scope = both will generate an error; 
  Secondly, if the examples of pfile start, the scope of the default is MEMORY, if spfile start, the default value for BOTH; 
  Third, you can use DEFERRED said changes made applicable only to future conversations, you can also use COMMENT write notes, such as: ALTER SYSTEM SET JOB_QUEUE_PROCESSES = 50 SCOPE = BOTH DEFERRED COMMENT = "Notes" 
  Fourth, remove the parameters are as follows: ALTER SYSTEM SET PARAMETER =''; 

  5. Parameters to create documents pfile, you can use a text editor edit a direct hand, can also be used create pfile orders from spfile create, such as: CREATE PFILE = 'C: \ PFILE \ MYPFILE.ORA' FROM SPFILE = 'D: \ SPFILE \ MYSPFILE.ORA ', or from the current examples used by the spfile create: create pfile =' c: \ pfile \ mypfile.ora 'from spfile. 
  Create spfile orders are as follows: CREATE SPFILE FROM PFILE = 'C: \ PFILE \ MYPFILE'. 

  Introduction of a commonly used parameters. 

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