How can we limit SQL Server only designated machines connected

  A. SQL Server has no built-in tools / facilities to do this. It also does not have the facility to run a stored-procedure on connection that could be written / used to do this. Therefore you have the following choices: – 

  SQL Server do not have such a function, also did not provide the connection in the process of implementation of a particular function.    Here several ways to achieve 1. Put the SQL Server behind a firewall and use that to restrict access. This is the most secure and functional way to do what you want. 

  Use a firewall, which provides security and you want to use the tools. 

  2. Write your own ODS Gateway and point the clients at that instead of the SQL Server – the ODS Gateway will then do the checking. However, there is nothing stopping clients figuring out the correct SQL client-config entries to point straight at the SQL Server. There are examples of ODS code in the SQL Programmers Toolkit – available for free download from the MS website. 

  ODS gateway to write their own instead of SQL Server client – in the ODS Gateway checks.    However, this does not stop the normal client SQL Server.    In SQL Programmers Toolkit in such a case, you can download for free from Microsoft's site. 

  3. Write a constantly running / scheduled stored-procedure that checks the relevant column in sysprocesses (net_address), and then issues a KILL command for any processes that should not be running. Note that this only works for MAC addresses. This way allows people to connect and possibly make changes before they are spotted and killed. 

  Write a check sysprocesses storage process in the corresponding column (net_address) 

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