With Oracle 10g Data Pump table space reorganization

  Oracle 10g version of the data input and output functions of the operation of re-design, import or export of the work of connecting and disconnecting to increase the function.    These features make the minor changes, the DBA will be conducive to the operation of table space. 

  As a whole unit output table space 

  Past the output and input functions are three kinds of patterns: dependent on output targets, such as a single index form a user all the output target output entire database.    However, table space is a difficult issue.    Different users of the object stored in a given space in the table, but some other object may be stored in the table space. 

  Thus, the only solution is for the use of data dictionary to find the list and its main subsidiary, then use the "table-mode export" the overall output of individual units. 

  Oracle 10g version, because the output includes "Data Pump" (expdp), can be directly exported from the table of all space objects.    TABLESPACES output parameters need to allow the designated table space. 

  TABLESPACES = name [,...] 

  If the database inherited a lot of space-based dictionary of the table, the above method is more useful.    And can be re-created in the local table space debris mitigation, and then re-import content. 

  Rename the type of data file name 

  If the database from one platform to another platform, the import data files before, DBA will need to create a table space.    Why is it »    Because in the dump file contains the original database operating system format data file path, the document will dump into the other operating systems, is likely to generate an error. 

  In Oracle 10g version of the input (impdp) function, its parameters can be re-named REMAP_DATAFILE data files to eliminate the above problems.    Its format is as follows: 

  REMAP_DATAFILE = source_datafile: target_datafile 

  This option is only FULL role in the importation and designated userID must IMP_FULL_DATABASE. 

  Enter the name of space at the table changes 

  Impdp feature allows the table to different load space objects.    10 g in a previous version, this operation is very complex.    First of all, because there is no write privileges, we must remove the original table space limit, and then set up table space. 

  Re-enter the process of the original table objects in space can be stored in the table set in space.    When the task is completed, the need for table space will be restored to original condition. 

  In 10 g input, REMAP_TABLESPACE set of parameters for making this work greatly simplified.    Only need to target table space limits, without the need for other conditions.    Set the parameters of the format is as follows: 

  REMAP_TABLESPACE = source_tablespace: target_tablespace 

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